Sunday, August 9, 2009

11.5 More Things - Evaluation

Thanks for another great experience!

1. My favorite discoveries or exercises:
Facebook was a fun discovery as many of my teachers were there but I had not joined. I really enjoyed Slideshare nad the 280 slides since I have teachers looking for new ways to utilize technology and this is a great resource that I will share in the fall.

2. Assisted or affected lifelong learning goals:
I appreciate all the articles that the lifeguards shared as we learned new concepts and information that we will inturn share with our fellow educators. With technology changing so quickly and students so quick, it is necessary to be as informed as possible to keep up with our students and assist our teachers. I will really use the "Digital Citizenship" information with my logy students as school begins and share other information as opportunities present themselves during the school year. I know the information I am taking from this staff development will assist as I implement the new technology with my students.

3. Take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes:
Technology did not always work the way I expected it to, but it seemed easier that 23 things. Maybe this was just because we have such a great set of support staff during the school year and so many technology experiences during the year and at TLA that we were already aware of many of the experiences that we covered in 11.5 things. There is always something new and it is great that y'all are there to make us aware of the new technology so we can better share it with others! (Watch for our school blog and we might have a school newspaper.)

4. What could you do differently???
I do not see how our lifeguards could have done any better! You always come up with great ideas and then challenge us to live up to your expectations. I hope we do not disappoint and I look forward to working with my students and teachers and the new technology this fall!

Thanks for the time at the beach...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

11.5 More Things - Thing #11

It is important that we as librarians make our students and teachers aware of the importance of being good "digital citizens" as they use technology in our libraries for web-based research and multimedia presentations. With our new technology, more students will have web access and it is important that we have in place district expectations, rules, and appropriate behaviors for all.

As stated in one of the many great articles: "Digital etiquette or netiquette is a basic set of rules one should follow to make the internet a better place for other people and oneself. When you instant message, chat, or email someone over the internet, that person can't tell if your just joking because they can't see your face. Don't say anything over the internet that can be taken the wrong way or can hurt someones feelings. To practice good etiquette, or netiquette as its sometimes called, is simple:- treat people how you wish to be treated: with courtesy and respect. People know these rules but most of the time don't follow them while on the internet. The internet takes over some peoples lives and people can get brain washed so easily when on the computer. Hacking other computers, using bad language, downloading illegally, and plagiarism are examples of having bad or no etiquette when it comes to the internet."

Students have access to social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook and need to be responsible when they access these from campus. We had a great Facebook class last fall and we all should be able to teach appropriate digital presence on the social network. Again, I see librarians as the network integrators teaching technology in all areas of the curriculum. It is something that we do all the time and we will be implementing our new technology as we receive it this fall.

Thanks to the Lifeguards for all the great articles and sites they made possible. Now back to the beach...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

11.5 More Things - Thing #10

Waiting for Second Life to send activation email.

Libby Wizardly

Still waiting and checking out other SL action online. I will come back to this or try to sign up again if I am not activated as Lizzy.

While I was waiting I did read about virtual field trips and plan to share this information with my students; and learn more from my teachers and fellow librarians that visited the beach this summer and had success in SL. I have played the "Farm Town" game (as well as the ones from McDonalds). I can see setting up something with some of my different departments creating virtual worlds. This was not something that I managed to have success with but I am not willing to give up so I will try again and again in the fall.

Now back to find a virtual beach...

11.5 More Things - Thing #9

My teachers are going to love this link! Projects are going to be so simple to create and post and share on many of the resources that we have already played with like blogs, facebook, twitter, wikis, and web pages. I do feel that students can review projects and share with other students not just in our district.

Click here to link to 280 Slides

Now back to the beach to check out what is behind the next wave...

11.5 More Things - Thing #8

Jing was the easiest way to post something. The directions were easy to follow and set up.
I will share this with my teachers and use it with students to set up instructions that they can follow to use the LRC, Meriwether, data bases for research, curriculum wikis, etc. I need to work on resizing so it is readable. This would be for studetns that are not familiar with this page.

Click here to learn more about Jing

The data base that students are working with can have narration or bubbles for narration. I want to try some of the other screencast options after I am back on campus and see if they would also work with my students and teachers. Thanks for sharing all of these great options. I think I will check out some of the other librarians postings and share ideas with them after we are back in August!

Monday, July 27, 2009

11.5 More Things - Thing #7

The Fair Use documentation will be a great resource for video use with teachers and students. I can see students using videos even more than in the past as we have more new technology available. There were many good sources for videos, including Hula or just finding videos on Google. Movie clips can be downloaded and Twilight series is a favorite on my campus.

Many were found in edited versions in some sources and I included one below. (Some of the Facebook manners ones were not suitable for students, even the edited versions!)

There were some great videos explainng "Twitter" available on Google videos and I included one we have see before but it is very good and I will use it.

11.5 More Things - Thing #6

There are some very informative articles and links that make the iTouch useful for our students and teachers, but I am going to have to find a way to maximize the 16 I will have available this fall. I think the student aides I have in the library this fall will be able to assist in downloading apps to our new technology when we receive them. I already have a great storage/charging idea from Karen Rodgers that i think will work great.
I think the Apple web page I listed below to be a great resource. I can see students in the library using the iTouch for social interaction internet activities we have tried like nings, wikis, podcasts, ebooks, Facebook, etc. especially if they need to interact, but not print. Most educational apps were free, but some had a minimal cost. I am motivated to check out the iPhone as we continue our digital journey.

Why an iPod Touch in Education?

Find more videos like this on Flat Classroom Project